Han Lörzing, landscape architect & Planner

Han Lörzing is a professional landscape architect and planner from The Netherlands. In his long career, he worked as a park designer, planning consultant and researcher. He was co-founder of an Dutch office for town and country planning and joined a London consuntancy for urban solutions.

Dutch Landscape

NAi Publishers Rotterdam – 2023

‘The Ultimate Guide for Study, Professional and Personal Use’

Dutch Landscape, written by two experienced landscape professionals, is the ultimate primer for understanding the nature of this densely populated country by the North Sea. Largely created by its inhabitants, the landscape of the Netherlands is primarily a project, a work in progress, requiring constant adaptation and maintenance – if only because otherwise it will flood.
Dutch Landscape covers all main Dutch landscape types, from dunes to peatbog landscapes, from sandy soils to polders. It presents the geological composition of the land, the climate, vegetation types, settlement patterns, the historical development of the landscape and modern developments such as agriculture, urbanisation, water management, and recreation. The Dutch tradition of spatial planning and making landscape is discussed and the role of landscape in urban design, from parks and water squares to green roofs and garden cities.
Dutch Landscape, designed by Yvo Zijlstra of Antenna-Men Office, offers an abundance of high-quality landscape and park photos. With several useful appendices and suggestions for places to visit, this book offers the ideal introduction to the Dutch landscape for landscape design students, professionals and enthusiasts.

The nature of Landscape, A Personal Quest

NAi Publishers Rotterdam – 2001

‘The nature of Landscape’ has been written with a international audience in mind.

The book gives an unorthodox overview of movements, trends and design schools in park architecture, landscape planning, urban design and art. A central feature in the book’s theory development is “Lorzing’s Diamond”. The four corners of the diamond refer to different perceptions of our environment: the Rational, the Romantic, the Traditional and the Ecological View. The Diamond has been quoted regularly in academic publications.

The Nature of Landscape is out of print, but can still found in second-hand bookstores and on specialized internet webshops. Copies of acceptable quality can also be off-loaded through Google Books

About Han Lörzing


e-mail address: boeken@hanlorzing.nl

Lorzing wrote many articles in national newspapers and in Dutch and English language professional journals. His main topics were landscape, art, leisure and urban and regional planning. Examples of articles in English:

  • The Green Heart Debate (TESG, 1996-11)
  • Reinventing Suburbia in The Netherlands (Built Environment, Summer 2006)
  • From Modernist Landscapes to New Nature: Planning of Rural Utopias in The Netherlands (with Kees Doevendans and Anne Schram, Landscape Research, June 2007)